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PHANTOM - a studio project, an Album. Now a live show

Chris Brockbank's Phantom has its origins in the era of vacuum tubes, Leslie speakers, and when every bit of stage gear was for volume, not show. With an incredible knowledge of music theory, and a tasteful rock aesthetic, guitarist and composer Brockbank has honed a hard and classy set of songs.

Brockbank is a multi-instrumentalist, and also has sought-after technical skills in the areas of electronics, acoustic science, sound engineering, information and computer technology, and has an academic background in political science. The compositions reflect this, with artfully arrangements, intelligent lyrics, and dynamic production.

All these skills were learnt on-the-job. Brockbank had a rapid rise in rock music, landing recording deals with major labels at a young age. Chris also had extensive knowledge of sound gear, as his father was an electrical engineer. His reputation grew as a sound-on-stage man, and he developed several innovative PA system components which were in high demand. Brockbank found himself the head of a sound engineering company – PTM.

Music composition, performance and recording has always been where Brockbank’s passions are though. Phantom has constantly been a band name always associated with Chris Brockbank. Inspired by both the sound engineering term phantom power, and the phantoms, or wraiths in Tolkien’s world, Phantom’s music has always been technically adept, and ethereal at the same time. This current project is the fifth cycle of Chris Brockbank’s Phantom, and Brockbank has chosen the ideal performers to make this an extraordinary band.

Having composed and recorded the songs, Brockbank added long-time collaborator Jeff Morris on the organ, piano and synthesizers; making the instrumentation smart, sometimes surprising, yet familiar. Vocalist Steve Mulry has the talent and rock n roll pedigree which brings out the best in the songs. Brother of Australian rock icon Ted Mulry, Steve has fronted many celebrated rock acts, including Black Label and TMG. Mick O'Shea is the drummer who agilely keeps it all together. Having recorded and worked with Judge Mercy, Rose Tattoo, the Choir Boys, Dragon, and other major rock acts, O'Shea makes it sound easy! On the bottom end, Damian McDonald, who is also a Brockbank collaborator, keeps the bass locked in with O'Shea while playing off Brockbank and Morris.

Chris Brockbank' Phantom Mk V is a band which is comfortable letting the music speak for itself. Live on stage or from the studio, their craft is top-shelf.

Steve Mulry on vocal ...

Jeff Morris on keys ...

Mick O'Shea on drums

Damian McDonald on bass guitar ...

Chris Brockbank -- guitars ... words and music


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