Steve Mulry.

Steve grew up immersed in Sydney rock n roll.

Little brother of the legend Ted Mulry - main man of Ted Mulry Gang'

He sings with the same passion his late brother was famous for delivering.

Steve’s pipes have been compared to the greats of 70s British rock by critics; which is a perfect complement to Brockbank’s songs.

In his own words ...

With his musical career commencing at the age of 22, Steve admits that he was a late starter. “Music was in my family but, being as shy as I was back then, I didn’t think that I’d follow that path”. That path has taken Steve through many great experiences and many bands, particularly original bands, that he believes molded him into the vocalist and performer he is today. “Every new experience adds to your development no matter what you do and performing is no different” says Steve.

Steve has been in demand as a vocalist for many projects either for recording or playing live & still loves every minute of it.

Steve admits “It’s great being in the studio and recording whether it be original material or covering someone else’s songs but my passion is playing live, you just can’t beat it”.

Steve added “Considering all of the ups and downs you encounter in the music industry, I believe I’ve been very fortunate to have done what I’ve been able to do with such fantastic players and to collaborate with some wonderful song writers and being a part of ‘Chris Brockbank’s Phantom MkV’ is the result of all the enjoyable but hard work, over the years.

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